2023 election: An open note to friends, colleagues in media, Nigerians

By Primus Chuks Igboaka 

Gullible fellows, including those in this forum and likewise Nigerians that know what is right or best for our country, but hell-bent supporting wrong candidates for reason that they are from your tribe or your region or because we have selfish connections or expected return on investment from them. 

Shame to all of you. You know too well what is good for Nigeria but you allow your emotions and tribalistic instincts and interests  to rule your judgement.

 Yes, I am in the US where leadership is about service to the people, where people have reasons to vote for right candidates based on ideologies not race (as with Obama and Kamala Harris) to have future for themselves and their children and unborn generations of their children. 

Nigeria is still my home and I love her irrespective of the mess leaders some of you here support that were and are clueless:  coupled with their greed have messed up our beloved country that has human and material resources than the so-called industrialized countries in Europe. 

Yes, my sons are all Americans and Nigerians… but I warn you that Nigeria cannot continue to be taken in the wrong direction as you all wished by candidates you support that will enrich themselves rather than enrich your children and grandchildren. 

Our children born here hear and feel the lamentations of their uncles, cousins ..nieces and if you don’t correct the problem with Nigeria by electing the right candidates…starting with the president, they will ask questions. They will at a time not far correct the problem from diaspora. 

 You may not believe it that a worker that never went to school here earns more in a month (at the current exchange rate of N600  to a $) than most staff including some lecturers in  public universities in Nigeria.  God forbid bad thing! And yet you want again  to elect those class of clueless, corrupt fellows that would drain our economy and run our country dry into office in 2023. Selfish and greedy individuals that have lived and  depended on state welfare as sources of their wealth. You easily forgot that  the money spent during primaries were part of ( if not all) their loots which they will further recover assuming any of them becomes the president in 2023. 

Please, use your tongue to count your teeth. A stitch too late to glue together or get it right in 2023 will lead to tsunamis of problems  that will render us further into a failed state like Zimbabwe and Venezuela.

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