Chichi Zawmah releases debut single, advises Christians to tread softly when grace is extended to them

We are all a product of God’s mercy, and so should tread softly when God’s grace is extended to us, this is the message the gifted, talented and anointed music minister, song writer and a devout worshipper Chichi Zawmah gave as she marks her birthday with a debut single titled ‘‘Mercy’’ recently in Abuja.

The new single is coming at a time the world is faced with uncountable challenges and uncertainty, so everybody should use this opportunity to appreciate God for his unfailing mercies and undeniable blessings and protection upon their lives.

Chichi Zawmah who is the music minister in her church, The Citizens Church based in Abuja and the music director of Destiny Encounter with Pastor Peter Balogun, added that ‘’it is not ones willingness nor ones strenuous exertions as in running a race, but on God’s having mercies on us’’.

Chichi Zawmah started singing at the age of 8 and is currently the visioner of Zawmah Springs and Strings that was birthed to bring healing and hope to lives and destinies as they join her to praise and worship God.

As the convener of ‘’Just Keep Priasing’’ Chichi Zawmah has been a blessing to many families and households and believes strongly that music is a tool she knows how to use to spread the message of the Lord Jesus to the world. She prayed that the newly launched single titled Mercy will be a blessing to everybody that listens to it.

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