AIB begins investigation into serious incident involving Middle East Airline, Turkish Airline in Lagos

Accident Investigation Bureau, AIB Nigeria, has been notified and has commenced investigation into a serious incident involving an Airbus A330-243 with the Nationality registration Marks OD-MEA operated by Middle East Airline and a Boeing 777 with Nationality and registration Marks TC-LJC operated by Turkish Airline , which occurred on the 29th July, 2020 at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos.

The Accident Investigation Bureau in a statement signed by the general manager public affairs, Mr. Tunji Oketunbi explained that the Turkish cargo aircraft was parked at the international apron when the Middle East airbus was taxing before it ran into it, cutting through the tail cone and damaged part of the right horizontal stabilizer of the Turkish aircraft.

Oketunbi stated that all passengers on the Middle East Airline had to disembark with no injury or fatality.

He noted that the Bureau will appreciate that the general public and press do not pre-empt the cause of the serious incident until a formal report is issued.

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