Air Peace dismisses online report questioning aircraft safety over weight limit 

The management of Air Peace has dismissed an online report questioning the safety of its aircraft over alleged luggage of some of passengers that were not carried due to ‘weight restriction issues’

The airline explained in a statement signed by its management that its aircraft are safe and airworthy.

Air Peace management stated that it is a globally accepted fact that every aircraft has a weight limit. 

The online report attributed statements to a lawyer who boarded Air Peace flight P47121 on November 6, 2020, Abuja-Lagos at 8:45am.

The lawyer alleged that the luggage of some of the passengers were not carried due to ‘weight restriction issues’.

The airline noted that: “We are stating categorically that all our aircraft are safe and airworthy, and it is a globally accepted fact that every aircraft has a weight limit. 

“For the flight in question, we did not carry all the luggage because the aircraft had reached its maximum weight capacity.  It would have been unsafe and dangerous to do otherwise. We did the right thing-  a safety measure that is known worldwide. Airlines, all over the world, drop bags to avoid being overweight. So how does this translate to being unsafe”?

The airline urged members of the public to disregard the publication as it is the handiwork of mischief-makers who are bent on discrediting a Nigerian airline committed to providing safe, best-in-class and affordable air travel for Nigerians and the flying public.  

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