ART condemns various acts of interference by political actors in aviation safety operational matters

.. Frowns at National Assembly’s delving into technical, safety matters like issuance of AOC

The aviation Round Table, ART, has observed with dismay, the various acts of interference by political actors in purely Aviation safety operational matters.
In a statement signed by the assistant secretary general of ART on behalf of the body, Olumide Ohunayo noted that the various legislations that established aviation and allied agencies in Nigeria stipulated their roles and areas of competence.

Ohunayo stated that the NCAA Act prescribed its role as the prime regulator of activities in the aviation industry in Nigeria.

“To effectively perform its tasks, the statute empowers the Regulator and its Board (though board is not in place ) needed as a matter of urgency to have oversight for optimal performance without compromising its role as enforcer of international Standards and Recommended Practices and other State Responsibilities,” Ohunayo explained.

He noted that the recent actions of the members of the National Assembly undermine and whittle the powers granted to the NCAA.

The ART pointed out that there have also been similar acts of interference in the past, while some of the undue interference is partly attributable to the absence of governing boards for the agencies.

The body observed that the consequential gap in administration could have emboldened these interferences continually.

The ART while frowning and condemning these undue interferences and highlight the safety and credibility issues involved, pointed out that; “It is unbelievable that the National Assembly will delve into technical and safety matters like the issuance of Airline Operating Certificate {AOC].
NG Eagle’s right will be breached unfairly if its AOC is not released after the company has complied with all mandatory tasks successfully. NCAA will also be in gross violation of these rights.

“Should the House Committee on Aviation be interested in recouping public funds ( which is the contention in this case ) a resolution could be passed citing the relevant section of the economic regulations of the Nig CARs if applicable.

Going further will tantamount to interference with executive function rather than political”.

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