ATSSSAN, workers picket Landover Company over poor condition of service

The Air Transport Services Senior Staff Association of Nigeria, ATSSSAN on Monday March 6 picketed the Landover Company’s head office in Ikeja Lagos over poor condition of service, injustice and inhuman treatment the workers are exposed to by the management of the company.
Speaking during the picketing exercise, the president of ATSSSAN, Comrade Ahmadu Ilitrus stated that that the union was in Landover Company to resolve some issues concerning helicopter landing officers who are affiliated to ATSSSAN.
He explained that the union has been in discussion with the management of Landover Company over the review of workers conditions of service, which ought to have been ready since 2016, adding that the management due to indiscretion has dragged the process up till now.
“There are few areas that we have not been able to agree, but they are fundamental areas covered by the laws. For instance, Landover said if they have a disciplinary committee to try our members, no union should be a part of it. This is unheard off. The law requires that the union to which the officer belongs to should be represented even in an observer capacity. We have been dragging this with Landover for a long time, but they do not seem to agree,” he said.
ATSSSAN President explained further that: “The last time we met here, we adjourned the meeting and we were shocked when we returned in the morning that the meeting could not go on because Landover has referred the matter to the federal ministry of labour. We were at labour, but when they discovered that all the issues they were foot dragging on are non-issues, for instance, you do not want the meaning of corruption defined in the condition of service. I think all these things are little things we could have done away with. However, when we agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding, the Landover management worked out of the meeting and said they were not going to sign.”
Illitrus noted that the management do not want to shift grounds on the condition of service.
He said if a worker serve up to 15 years in Landover, he is not entitled to more than N340,000 no matter his position.
“For instance if you serve up to 15 years in Landover, you are not entitled to more than N340,000 no matter your position. This is unfortunate and unacceptable for us.
The management should come out from their high horse and come down and discuss with us”.
Speaking also on condition of anonymity, one of the workers said they are protesting because of injustice going on in Landover Company and the inhuman conditions they are exposed to by the management.
He said: “One of our senior members was sacked in this company for no just reason by the management and he has served here for 15 years and three months, he was paid only N340,000 as all his entitlements and benefits. We disagree with this because this is not what in our Cumulative Bargaining Agreement (CBA). The document is very clear on what should be paid to workers that are disengaged. There should even be redundancy package for the person”.
The staff disclosed that their taxes are not remitted to the appropriate quarters by the management.
“For almost two years now, the management would deduct taxes from us, but they are not remitted to the tax office. I have been in this company now for 15 years, but am yet to see any tax clearance, he said.
The worker said they want the management of Landover to define the term ‘corruption in their Cumulative Bargaining Agreement CBA.
According to him: Lots of things are happening in this company. The company took us to the ministry of labour, but when it discovered that it was losing ground, it opted out. Also, the retirement period in this company is 45-50 years, which is even against the labour law. And Most of us are in Warri doing the offshore for the company”.

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