Court Order: CNPP Urges Nigerians, Civil Society To Resist Petrol Pump Price Hike

The Conference of Nigeria Political Parties (CNPP) has reiterated its
call on Nigerians masses and civil society groups to ignore the Labour unions and protest against the increment of pump price of petrol despite judgment of the National Industrial Court stopping planned strike action by the unions.

The CNPP in a statement issued on today, which was jointly signed by its national Chairman, Alhaji Balarabe Musa and the Secretary General, Chief Willy Ezugwu, also accused both the the federal government and the labour unions of insincerity in the matter.

Parts of CNPP statement reads: “We are taken aback that the federal government could hurriedly obtain a judgment from the National Industrial Court, with readiness to enforce same overnight, while the government is yet to obey many other court orders against it.

“For instance, the PRP was deregistered as a political party by the Indepedent National Electoral commission (INEC) and a court of
competent jurisdiction ordered its re-registration but the INEC is yet
to obey the order.

“Today, the federal government selects which court judgment to obey and the ones against it are discountenanced.

“We reiterate our call on all well meaning Nigerians and the civil
society to ignore the Labour unions and protest against the
unjustifiable pump price increment in their numbers.

“The CNPP suspects that the National Industrial Court judgment was obtained the federal government in connivance with the labour unions to ambush the Nigerian masses and deny them their constitutional rights to hold opinion, freedom of expression and association.

“Recall that the CNPP had earlier warned Nigerian people to ignore the Labour unions because our findings showed that they have been compromised and would eventually betray Nigerians as they did in 2012.

“The order of the National Industrial Court stopping the unions’ planned strike puts a question mark on the sincerity of both the labour unions and the federal government.

“But the government and the unions must be made aware that the
Nigerian people are unstoppable despite their glaring conspiracy
against the wishes of the people.”

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