Dornier aviation Nigeria AIEP services introduces business jet

…Urges government to check excesses of some charter operators

Dornier aviation Nigeria AIEP services had rebranded with the introduction of Dornier aviation Bombadier challenger 604 business jet for its charter flights.
Established three decades ago, the airline said the repositioning of its operations is to offer quality, flexible and efficient services to its clients.
The business and development manager, Ainoje Adumaza Joseph while speaking on the introduction of the challenger 604 jet in its fleet at the 10th aviation safety and security summit in Accra, said the aircraft was exquisitely designed to offer an unparalleled flying experience for customers.
Ainoje said the jet, a ten seater passenger cabin built with an interior providing a five star comfort, has full multimedia entertainment system.
He explained that Dornier aviation with its restructuring, was set to embark on any chattered business across the globe adding that it now has four aircraft including the Dornier 228 in its fleet based in Kaduna.
Ainoje who noted that chartered business was nose diving in the country today said, Dornier has remained focused with the direction of government in power to diversity and prepare for the future.
He urged government to check the excesses of some charter operators that have not lived up to expectation in terms of services delivery.

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