Dubai 2020 Expo is opportunity for Nigeria to showcase potential to the world -Stella Fubara

The director of International Operations with the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, Stella Fubara has said that the Dubai 2020 Expo is a great opportunity for Nigeria to showcase what she has to offer to the rest of the world and thereby making people come to Nigeria for a visit.

Speaking in an interview at the recently concluded Akwaaba Travel Market in Lagos, Stella stated that though Nigeria is among the 190 countries participating at the expo, she expects the country to make the best use of the opportunity.

She expressed optimism that Nigeria will be one of the countries that will put on the best programming during the expo.

Stella disclosed that 55 out of the 190 countries that have already signed up for th Expo are African countries.

The director of International Operations of Dubai Tourism noted that the world Expo in Dubai would be taking place from October 2020 to April 2021, lasting for six months.

According to her, this is the largest participation of African countries that we have had in any expo, and Nigeria is one of those 55 countries.
Stella added that it is up to the country to plug in and design its pavilion and determine what she want to showcase to the world.

She said: “Imagine over 25million people would be coming to the expo and this is Nigeria’s chance to showcase what she has to offer to the rest of the world and thereby making people come to Nigeria for a visit. Is up to the country to determine what their package would look like, we would not determine that for you”.

On how the Expo would impact on the numbers Dubai is making from Nigeria, Stella explained that:”I hope to double the numbers from Nigeria in 2020 and I want you (Media) to help spread the message because 2020 is for everybody, whether you a child, the education you will get will be awesome. Imagine going to a fair and you can visit technically 190 different countries and see what they have to offer. Am told that the Brazilian government would be re-creating the Amazon Forest in their pavilion, some other ones are bringing their country there.
“So It would be really wonderful for you (Journalists) to come to Dubai and be able to visit these countries. We already have a global village, it opened six months of the year, it is for entertainment and pavilions for different countries and that is truly a Dubai annual event, but this one is a global event”.

She explained that every country will have their own pavilion to showcase anything under the sustainability, mobility theme.
Stella said all travel agents are welcome to market and create their own travel packages for individuals.

She explained further that the expo platform is offering one day ticket, three days tickets, six months tickets and including moves to get the them to offer one week tickets.

“Because the size of the expo is equivalent to 400 football fields, so conceivably you could travel there for expo and do one day, everyday you visit different pavilion for different themes and have a wonderful educational and leisure experience because of the programming is going to be 60 daily live events represented by different countries, I hope Nigeria will be one of the countries that will put on best programming during the expo, she said”

On the Expo, Stella noted that: ” It is not necessarily Dubai that is putting it up, Remember this is a world Expo, it is held in different countries and is a privilege, people bid 10 years in advance to host it, just like they bid for the World Cup or Olympics, treat this as such an event. So is an honour for the first time for this to held on this region of the world, Dubai put up a very high bid and won the bid back in 2013 and is seven years to prepare for it”.

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