Economic hardship: ‎Okunnu ‎ tasks women on co-operation at home ‎

The first female deputy governor of Lagos State, Alhaja Latifat Okunnu, has urged married women to reduce the effects of current economic hardship in the country by exhibiting co-operating attitudes at home.

Speaking during the Ummahaat day organised by the Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria, Lagos State Area Unit on Sunday with the theme, ‘the neoteric mother’, Okunnu emphasised that exhibiting good values by women was key to reducing the burden of the economic crisis on husbands and head of families.

She said, “We are in an unfavourable state. The economy is tough yet everyone wants to survive. As women, we have a great role to play. This is one of the times to show the good virtues that we are made of in our homes and society. We should show instil good values and display cooperating attitudes in our homes.”

Also, the Ummahaat (Married women) Coordinator, MSSN Lagos, Hajia Gbadegesin Baseerah, lamented that the harsh economic situation in the country has made it challenging for many married women to manage themselves.

She said: “Women should know that we have a great role to play as the nation’s asset. This is one of the periods that we are expected to show co-operating attitudes ‎to our husbands. We cannot but assist them in this present situation. With positive and co-operating attitude, women are capable of reducing the peak of pains experienced in the country. 

“We need to prove to the world that we are blessed with industrious skills that are capable of ending the regrettable state of the nation.‎ ‎We also need to train our children properly so that they will not be victims of the challenging moments and increasing ills in the society.”

The Guest lecturer of the programme, Hajia Rasheedah  Odejayi-Olowonisaye, described a neoteric mother as one who lived a sacrificial and balanced life.

She added, “a neoteric woman can get educated and get a good job but still lives disoriented, hopeless and in perpetual self-denial.  She has a lot of demands on her, and knows how to balance her personal life, her career and her family life. She struggles to cope with marriage, pregnancy, child upbringing and in- laws and work among many other challenges she is faced with, including the challenge of  discharging her  religious duties as a Muslimah.”

Durin‎g the programme, about 2,000 married women were enlightened on health issues and how to balance the managing of the home, work and other challenges in the modern society.

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