Ekiti APC youths advise Fayemi to forget governorship, rebuild APC

Youths in the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ekiti State, under
the aegis of Ekiti APC Youths Congress (EAYC) has urged the Minister of Solid Minerals and former governor of the State, Dr Kayode Fayemi to perish the thought of governing the State again.

The youths said instead of Fayemi plotting in Abuja to truncate the
government of Mr Ayodele Fayose so as to pave way for his return as
governor before 2018, the minister should channel his resources
towards rebuilding the APC in the State in readiness for the 2018
governorship election.

In a statement issued after its meeting in Ado-Ekiti on Sunday, signed by the EAYC Convener and Secretary, Mr Tope
Ogunkuade and Comrade Tunji Adeleye. the youths said they were showing concern because the same path that their leaders thread last year that led to the woeful performance of the
party in the general elections was what they were beginning to thread
now and they were tired of people raising our hope and dashing it.

They said if the APC had focused on the last year general elections
instead of the wild goose chase of Fayose’s impeachment that was
embarked on, there was no how it would have lost all the 26 seats in
the State House of Assembly.

The failed impeachment plot only gave Fayose sympathy and any move to
truncate his government now will give him another regime of sympathy,
which he will probably carry till the end of this year.

Therefore, we are not in support of any plot to cause another
political instability in the State by trying to remove Fayose.

Rather, we are interested in a genuine rebuilt of our party towards
the 2018 governorship election. It is our position that our leaders
should restore unity back to the party and work towards producing a
viable governorship candidate from the South Senatorial district.

Already, we have notable leaders of our party from the South
Senatorial district like Oluomo Yemi Adaramodu, Rt. Hon Femi Bamisile,
Hon Kayode Babade, Ayoleke Adu, Senator Tony Adeniyi and others
showing interest in the governorship.

We are of the opinion that instead of another wild goose chase of plot
to truncate Fayose’s government, our party should begin to project one
or two of the above named leaders as the candidate for 2018, the APC youths said.

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