Ethiopian pilots completed Boeing, FAA approved trainings before flying B-737-8 MAX

The management of Ethiopian Airlines has expressed disappointment on the wrong reporting of the The New York Times titled “Ethiopian Airlines Had a Max 8 Simulator, but Pilot on doomed flight didn’t receive training”

Ethiopian Airlines in a  statement noted that their pilots completed the Boeing recommended and FAA approved differences training from the B-737 NG aircraft to the B-737 MAX aircraft before the phase in the B-737-8 MAX fleet to the Ethiopian operation and before they start flying the B-737-8 MAX.

The Airline sid the pilots are also made aware and well briefed on the Emergency Airworthiness Directive issued by the FAA following the Lion Air Accident, adding that the content of the airworthiness directive has also been well incorporated in all pilot training manuals, operational procedures and working manuals.

“The B-737 MAX full flight simulator is not designed to simulate the MCAS system problems.

We urge all concerned to refrain from making such uninformed, incorrect, irresponsible and misleading statements during the period of the accident investigation. International regulations require all stakeholders to wait patiently for the result of the investigation,” the Airline concluded in the statement.

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