Ex Mrs Tourism United Nations to unveil WABIO Place Saturday in Lekki

All is now set for the unveiling of WABIO Place, a one stop beauty shop on Saturday, May 18 in Lekki Lagos

WABIO Place which promises the best in make-up and body beauty is located opposite Prince Ebeano supermarket in Lekki.

WABIO which is an acronym for Women Are Beautiful Inside and Out comprises of the Foundation, the beauty and training arm.

Speaking in an interview with Journalists in Lagos, the chief executive officer of WABIO International Limited, and former Mrs Tourism United Nations, Mrs Ebele Enemchukwu stated that the setting up of the beauty shop which is independent from the Foundation is the first step towards the great dream.

She said the idea of a beauty palour began when people started making enquiries on her make-up artist, but were surprised to hear that she always make herself up.

“People started requesting that I should make them up too, because they liked my makeup. I realised that when I make myself up, is more beautiful than when it is done by my make-up artist, so I decided to give it a thought,” she said.

The former Mrs Tourism United Nations explained further that this development gave birth to the beauty and image consulting arm of WABIO International and the beauty outfit which is called the WABIO Place.

In her words: “Under WABIO International Limited, we have the training arm, by training, I mean the corporate training arm. I am a customer service trainer, that was where I resigned from (Globacom) nine months ago. We also have the beauty and image consulting arm of WABIO International and the beauty outfit, that is the make-up studio which is called the WABIO Place”.

According to Enemchukwu: “I believe more in given as opposed to receiving and that is what informed the name itself, it falls in line with that giving and what do i mean, is not what you do for yourself that counts at the of the day but what you left behind, what you pass unto others. So WABIO is supposed to create that platform where women can truly believe that or try to de-emphasise the importance attached to the outward. Women are beautiful on the inside and if you truly believe that, it will manifest from the outside.
“Is a reminder that beauty transcends the physical . I can even say human being are beautiful inside and outside. But now am talking about the womenfolk, about young girls, saying you are indeed beautiful and nobody should tell you otherwise, you can be everything and all you wish to be irrespective of marriage”.

The former Mrs Tourism United Nations stated that she has not stopped given tourism the promotion and positive visibility it needs within and outside Nigeria.

She emphasised that she is still in the tourism circle, offering the bit she can in different fora and in different capacities.

“Prior to this time, I was a corporate executive, even when I was a queen and all that, I still had a full job with Globacom Limited. I resigned nine months ago as a training specialist and upon resignation, it gave birth to where we are now, which is the business side of things,” the beauty queen said.

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