Family seeks proper investigation, justice over ‘mysterious’ death of ‘nurse’

The family of late Mrs. Akinlabi Kehinde Kuburat, 54, who was said to have slumped and died immediately at an empowerment outfit, Eagle Eye Empowerment, has called on the police in Lagos State, to unravel the circumstances surrounding her death.

Late Akinlabi, popularly called ‘Mama Nurse’, was said to have slumped and died immediately last Friday, at 136, Agege-Iyana-Ipaja Road, Agbotikuyo Bus Stop, Agege, Lagos’ office of Eagle Eye Empowerment, where she had gone to pay weekly interest of N6000 of the loan she collected from the outfit.

Narrating how the deceased family was informed about her death, 30 years old Akinlabi Tinuade, said her mother’s death still remain a mystery to them, because, before she spoke with her mother 30 minutes before she visited the empowerment outfit and pronounced dead.

She said; “on Friday, at about 7 p.m., i forgot my key at her shop and i called her that that i needed to pick my key in her shop, she told me at the office of Eagle Eye Empowerment, at 136_ Agege-Iyana Ipaja Road, Agbotikuyo Bus Stop, Agege, to pay the weekly interest on the loan we collected. At about 7.30 p.m., i called her again, she didn’t pick my call. Later, someone called me with another number but i could not hear very well, all i can pick from all the person said was ‘come over your Mummy has slump’.

“Later, another person called and said I should come over to their office, on getting the place, I met her lying on the floor with blood coming out of her face, also two policemen were there and a woman who claim to be a neighbour to the empowerment outfit and one of its worker, who was arrested by the policemen.

“They told me to take her to the hospital to confirm, the first private hospital reject her and referred us to a General Hospital at Ile-epo, where she was confirmed dead”.

Speaking on what transpired between the empowerment outfit and her late Mummy, Tinuade said two week before the incident, November 8, a staff of the empowerment outfit only known as Nancy, also called C. O., had threatened to deal with her Mummy because of her failure to pay the weekly interest, but after heated argument, her Mummy later paid the money.

She also stated on November 15, there was issued between her Mummy and the outfit as they paid before the scheduled time.

Tinuade however stated that on the day of incident, the so called Nancy, had visited her mother’s shop before the time and when she didn’t see her, she came to her own shop, closed to her Mummy’s own with the threat of getting the money before she leave, but after much persuasion and promised that her Mummy will pay the money she left.

“When she came on Friday, November 22, she didn’t meet my Mummy in shop, she then come over to my shop and started threatened to deal with my Mummy and myself and that she must collect the money before she leave. She also asked me to follow her to their office but I declined.

“When I called my Mummy to know her whereabout, she told me that she went to look for money to complete what to pay them. I asked her of the balance she was looking for, she told me N600, 00, then, I told her to come back that I’ll complete the shortfall which I did and that was the last time I spoke with her and to be called at about 7.30 p.m. that my Mummy slumped in their office and she could not talk”.

The deceased daughter, who spoke with this medium with emotion and sorrowful laden voice pleaded with the new Police Commission in the state, to ensure that the circumstances surrounding her Mummy’s mysterious death is unveiled.

She particularly called on the police boss to fish out the staff of the empowerment outfit called Nancy, whom she said her threatened to deal with her late Mummy before the ugly incident.

She also called on the Eagle Eye Empowerment management to speak out on what that know about her Mummy’s death.

“I want the Police Commissioner in the state, to properly investigate the cause of my Mummy’s mysterious death. She was not sick neither did she show any sign of sickness before she went to the place.

“I also what the police to produce woman called Nancy, she is our C. O, I believed that if she is produce, she will tell more on how my Mummy died.

‘Nothing they can offer us that will bring her back to life, the Commissioner of police and police authority in general should help us to find out what killed my Mummy”, she pleaded.

When this medium visited Eagle Eye Empowerment office at 136, Agege-Iyana-Ipaja Road, there was no access to the the office, as it was under lock and key but all its windows were left opened. Also, a small signboard with inscription of ‘Eagle Eye Empowerment’, was seen been hanged on the rail of the balcony.

A woman who pleaded for anonymity confirmed the incident and also said that a staff of the outfit, though, she did not mention any name, is currently with the police over the matter.

Also, enquiries from the neighborhood, alleged that the empowerment outfit is found of torturing and threatening customers who are late in paying the interest in the loans received.

Most of those who spoke stated the case of the deceased is just one of the care that they have witnessed.

Also speaking on the incident, the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) Elere Police Division, Mr. Shola Ogunwale, a Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) also confined the incident and said that the matter has been referred to State Criminal Intelligence and Investigation Department (SCIID) Panti-Yaba, for further investigation.

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