FG revamps Railway to enhance national integration

The present administration is determined to revamp the Railway sector with a view to enhancing national integration by encouraging mass transit of passengers and goods between and across the geographical regions of the country.
The minister of Transportation, Rt Hon Chibuike Amaechi who stated this in Lagos after the recent inspection of transport infrastructure noted that the immediate impact will be the reduction of haulage of heavy cargoes by roads thus reducing road damage and increasing the life span of roads.
Amaechi explained that the sub sector has suffered significant neglect in the past, though it is the most effective and cheapest mode of mass transportation for both passengers and freight.
Amaechi said: “During the hey days of Nigerian Railway Corporation, railway was the fastest means of transporting mass freight between different regions of the nation thus reducing pressure on road usage; these included petroleum and agricultural products”. 
He observed that the current state of the railway is an indication of the serious neglect of this important sub-sector occasioned by poor policy initiation and implementation.
“This has led to the proliferation of privately owned and operated road haulage services resulting in unregulated and chaotic situation on the nations roads. Nigerian Railway Corporation has been effectively reduced to an economically unviable venture dependent on government subvention without any return on the huge investments”, he concluded.

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