Gov. Shettima of Bornu should pray against Abduction- Prophet Nabi

Prophet Nabi Oluwatosin
Prophet Nabi Oluwatosin

Says Raymond Dokpesi Should Pray Against Sudden death

..Many men of God to be arrested 

.. Jonathan, IBB, Shonekan should pray against death

Prophet Nabi Oluwatomisin Ehuwaojomo of Samuel Bilewu Joseph Oshoffa Parish, Wasimi, Celestial Church of Christ is reputed for his prophetic unction The prophet of God has many prophecies to his credit. He predicted about the death of former president Umar Yar’Adua, Boko Haram and the upsurge of  Boko Haram attacks in the federal Capital territory, Abuja.   Most recently, his 2014 prophecy that the National Conference organised by the Goodluck Jonathan Presidency will amount to naught is significant.  Prophet Nabi, who prefers keeping to his clerical call in the vine yard of the lord,  is revered by those who know him and celebrated by many he has touched their lives in the course of his ecclesiastic assignment.
In this interview, Prophet Nabi speaks on the 2016, which he declared the year that Nigerians should ‘Expect the Unexpected’.  In his prophetic pronouncements, Prophet Nabi says Raymond Dokpesi should pray against paralysis and sudden death, Governor Kashim Shettima of Bornu State to be watchful against kidnap and abduction. He also prophesies that former presidents Goodluck Jonathan, Ibrahim Babangida and Ernest Shonekan should pray against sickness.

What would Nigerians expect in 2016?

Nigerians should expect the unexpected, both positive and negative. They should expect fuel crisis, financial crisis, political killings, massive terrorist attacks, deepened economic meltdown, and more sudden death of famous and popular personality. There will also be industrial strike in state-owned institutions and parastatals; outbreaks like epidemic, pandemic and influenza and many more, which I referred to as “the unexpected. Importantly, Nigerians must pray against war internationally, nationally and locally.
Many men of God will be arrested; a lot of corruption that we thought was attached to politicians will be traced to some men of God. I see many men of God in the court of law due to corruption.  Raymond Dokpesi should pray against paralysis and sudden death. I see a sudden stop of Pastor T. B. Joshua. Governor Kashim Yerima of Bornu State must be watchful against kidnap and abduction. Former president, Jonathan should pray against sickness, so also Ibrahim Babangida and Earnest Shonekan. 
Young kings shall emerge and the old shall be dethroned. I see an outbreak different from EBOLA. The new Pope Francis should avoid being stumbled which may lead to partial stroke. I see many plane crashes this year that has never been witnessed before and I also see migrant crisis going out of control.

In the political terrain, what would Nigerians expect?

Many politicians will die, either through natural or artificial death. A great number of political office holders shall be sacked through court order and other means. I saw series of political killings. A lot of politicians will be arrested and it will create political tension. President Muhammadu Buhari should watch his health keenly and should be prayed for against sudden demise.
For a definite “Change” to happen in Nigeria, there must be an absolute foundation; for this political terrain to have the change campaigned for, it must destroy the political institution of its own operation, which will all know it’s impossible. So change is very impossible.

What is your view on President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration?

I can see a genuine and sincere intention on the part of the man called President Muhammadu Buhari but can a tree make a forest? The answer is NO. When a foundation is faulty and bad, then what can a righteous man do? To me administratively the government is very cautious and careful almost to a fault and which has slowed down the pace of activities in the country.  For every vision there must be set goals and mission and since President Muhammadu Buhari is not a first time president and having served on the executive cabinet of past governments, he knew the problems and he is part of the problems. 
So therefore, we will expect a more pro-active decision making that can change the destiny of the nation called Nigeria. Since that is the campaign slogan, “Change”.

What would become of Boko Haram in 2016?

Boko Haram will metamorphosise in 2016; I mean the sect will diffuse to many directions, spread like a virus but for a stronger force, expecting to create a war scenario or national disaster. I repeat again, nobody can stop the terrorist group except God, who has sovereign authority. God will stop Boko Haram at His own time.
Boko Haram sect is an affiliated body of an international sect. I predict this, that the consequence of Boko Haram and its international collaborators attacks will abruptly put an end to their operations and network at a specific time of God.

 There is so much tension in Nigeria, Biafra agitation on one end, Boko Haram and now Shiite, what does this portend for Nigeria?

It portends a great threat to the indivisibility of the  Nigeria and a great signal for regional/ parallel government. Nigeria must pray against regional war, tribal war, civil war and international war. Expect to see more agitations in this 2016 from many sectors in the country.

 What is your message to governors and politicians at the election tribunals all over the country?

My message to governors and politicians at the election tribunal is that “Change” is imminent. Change is the ruling force of the nation, so all governors and politicians must accept and imbibe the spirit of change. My advice to the governors and politicians is that irrespective of any amount of manipulation, change will take its course.

On the global stage, what is your view on the happenings around the world; the emergence of ISIS; the US election in 2016 and the Russian intervention in Syria?

On the global stage, the happening around the world was tagged “the vicious of the third world war” in my last New Year message. Third world war is imminent; all happenings around the world are build-up to it.
On the Issue of ISIS, you can kill the messenger but you can’t kill the message. The ISIS are bent to have their Islamic state, which is a right to their religion, belief and faith but the global power opposed it and not prepared to give autonomy of any kind to Islamic state, which will bring more crises not only in the Middle East but on a global scale.
After the US election, the nation shall face series of crisis both natural and artificial that may bring down the glory of that nation. I can see a woman president in US, period.
The Russian intervention in Syria is never an intervention but rather an invention of war on the part of Russia against the existing global powers. This may abolish the peace global treaties of the Second World War that brought together The United Nations

Is there a way forward for Nigeria? If there is what should Nigeria and Nigerians do in 2016 to avert hunger in the land?

There is always a way forward in life, what Nigeria and Nigerians should quickly do is to set up National Agricultural Scheme that would serve the nation to solve our immediate and the forthcoming economic problems.

The nation Nigeria must look keenly inward than expecting foreign investors. You don’t expect a visitor to bring food to your table but a rightful father shall provide for his own table and make provision even for the visitors.
This year 2016 just started, I call for all meaning Nigerians both home and abroad, religious bodies, NGO’s, parastatals, Institutions, peer groups, media houses, the Royal Fathers and most especially the federal, state and local government and President Muhammadu Buhari for a solidarity summit on agriculture. Nigeria and Nigerians must reflect on the “Dream of Joseph”.

President has said that 2016 will be tough, what do you make out of this projection?

His projection of the year 2016 to be a tough year is not an ordinary statement but reality of the situation unfolding. If an aged man of seventy three years old can say something will be tough, it means he knows and sees what ordinary Nigerian can’t see and by the virtue of his position being the No. 1 citizen. This message is to prepare the citizens towards the tough time coming.
He has prophesied for himself, Nigerians must pray for him to cross the huddles of the tough time. Before his pronouncement, it has already been tough on the ordinary Nigerians.  For now, there is no solution to looming economic catastrophes, so therefore, his projection is right.

Finally, what is the message for Nigerians in 2016, especially those who are serving God in true and spirit?

This is my message for Nigerians. All Nigerians must be prepared for the reality in 2016 and what is the reality? “Tough Time” which they say “doesn’t  Last”. Every Nigerian must remain united in one accord to fight the war of division, tribalism, nepotism, forceful succession, corruption, e.t.c . Nigerians should “Expect The Unexpected”. However, to the believers, Psalm 111: 5 will always suffice: “He hath given meat unto them that fear him, he will ever be mindful of his covenant.”

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