How a jilted lover attempted to wipe out family of 3

Love, dating and intimate relationship between men and women in love can be interesting and exciting when it works as planned, but when it turns sour and ends on a sad note, it could be disastrous and deadly for both parties and families write FRANKLIN IHEJIRIKA

Love they say is blind and in some cases also wicked especially when there is serious misunderstanding between the two partners in love leading to a sudden end in once a blissful relationship. Many people have died on account of love and infatuations, especially when infatuation is taken to mean love. This sometimes may lead to revenge from the parties who feel aggrieved or cheated in the failed relationship.
What will make someone who claims to be in love with somebody attempt to wipe out the whole family he/she claims to be in love with before just because the relationship did not work as expected. Could this be regarded as genuine love, or infatuation, what if the love has graduatd to marriage and tomorrow there is misunderstanding, could the same people in love have the mind to kill the other?. 
These are issues begging for answers especially as it relates to the family of Aderemi, not real name in Lagos.
It was a divine intervention that saved the Aderemi family from the hands of a jealous lover who wanted to wipe out the entire family over love gone sour.
For the family of three, it was a thing of testimony and thanksgiving to God for saving them from untimely death in the hands of a wicked lady who wanted to avenge her failed relationship with her intending fiance by eliminating the entire family with poison.
Testifying before the entire congregation of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Lagos, Yinka Aderemi, not real name narrated in tears how the family of three miraculously survived a wicked attempt made by their brother’s girl friend to wipe out the entire family.
Narrating the sad experience before the church, Yinka explained that she cooked the food herself and dished out some for herself which she took to work, while her younger sister also took from the same food to work, while the remaining one was left for their brother at home to eat when he is hungry.
She said by the time her brother called her, she has not eating her own food as she was waiting that around 12 or 1 o’clock she will eat the food.
According to her, ”I was in the office when my brother called me to complain that he was in serious pain after eating the food kept for him at home. I was so shocked because I was the one that prepared the food, I thought maybe is normal stomach problem, but when he called again in excruciating pain, I realised that the matter is more serious than I thought, I asked my neighbours to help me give him palm oil to see if it will help reduce the pain, but when it did not stop the pain, so I had to call my younger sister to tell her what is happening and by that time too she has not eating her own food, so we did not eat the food again. I took permission and rushed home only to meet my brother in serious pain, so I rushed him to hospital where the doctors confirmed that he ate pure poison.”
Yinka narrated further that, “at that point I was so shocked because I prepared the food myself, after examining the situation all over again and the visitors that came to our house, I now realised that my brother’s girl friend spent the weekend with us. After careful examination and search in the house, we now realised that the Sniper we bought in the house for mosquitoes, Cockroaches that we have used just a little is almost empty. We now discovered that my brother’s girl friend due to the problem she was having with him on their relationship wanted to wipe us out, using the sniper.
We found out that she put some of the poisonous sniper in our beverages, body cream and the cocked food we took to work. She planned it in such a way that if we escape the one she put in our food, we will not escape the one she put in our beverages or the one she put in our body creams.”
She narrated further that, “thank God we discovered that after my brother ate the food, what if we ate the food together, or even use the beverages and our body creams, she planned total elimination for the family. I do not even know she was having serious problem with my brother to the level of trying to eliminate everybody in the family.”
If this did not happen, is this the kind of lady that we would have married into our family, a lady that had this kind of wicked heart to eliminate the entire family, she asked.
Against this development, Yinka in her testimony and advice urged young men and women, especially men to be weary of the kind of ladies they are dating and planning to marry, so that they will not marry devil incarnate into their families who may want to eliminate the entire family based on any slight provocations.
Cases like these have become a common occurence in the country in recent time with some resulting into death of family members and loved ones. Today, wives are killing their husbands, husbands killing their wives, children killing their parents as a result of misunderstanding and mistrust.
It would be recalled that few years ago a young man suspected to be an armed robber killed a family of five in Lagos after the family discovered that their intending son in-law is a hardened criminal. The young man who has spent some of his ill gotten wealth to win the affection of the family was so disappointed that the family dumped him without consideration after eating his money, so he decided to kill many members of the family especially those that have benefitted from his money.
Meanwhile, Police has commenced investigation into the case to unravel the authenticity of the case or otherwise with a view of coming out with appropriate sanctions if the culprit is found culpable in the matter.

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