Ife is full of Mysteries- Ooni

The Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, the Ojaja II has disclosed that Ile Ife is a land filled with mysteries.
Speaking recently at the declaration of Ile-Ife as a free tourism zone, Oba Ogunwusi disclosed that his plans were to bring out the mysteries of Ife land and connect all the dotted lines, and then invite corporate organisations to brand and makket them.
It is evident that every sqaure metre of Ile-Ife is full of mysteries, he said.
He explained that the alternative is to keep those mysteries that have been existing for million of years or open it to the world for them to know and experience those mysteries.

In his words: “God actually made this king to come to the throne, the Lord of Lords made this come to a reality and for the rest of my life I will always give honour to him”.

The Ooni narrated that, “the very first time I entered this palace as the king, I was told, though am a committed son of Ile-Ife, I know the history, I have read it from my child hood, and I know the history of some of the mysteries, so when I entered the palace, they told me that who ever i have been married to, that my first wife is in this palace, that i need to go and pay her the honour, I was shocked and ask if they kept a wife for me in the palace, and I went and it was actually true. I went and saw my dear wife in the palace, I saw one of the mysteries of our creator, a typical queen was in this palace hundreds and thousands of years ago, she never had a child and said God, if you don’t give me a child, I will covert and become a martyr and be useful to the entire mankind and she prayed to God and God answered her prayers and she became a well, a living well in the palace and she is my first wife and am very proud to tell the entire world that, that is my first wife in this palace”

The Ooni continued that, ” there is nothing you ask from Yeyemolu that she will not give you. God blessed us with this mysteries, we need to bless the world with this mystery , there is nobody that takes that water that asked God for anything that it will never ever happen, it is the mystery of Ile-Ife, the mystery of water goes on an on, if you dare the water and fall into it, you will never come out, but if you fall into it by mistake, she will protect you and take to the bank of any river, sea where your family members will get you, all these exist in the history of Ile-Ife, this water is so jealous that she want to be in this palace alone and no other one, but it is full of life and so many other mysteries”.
He stated that this is why they are trying to turn some of these mysteries to tourism sites.
That is why we need to trace our root to Africa from where we are littered all over the world, he said.
According to the Ooni, “In North America we have a lot of dependants of the Yoruba race, more than half of the population of North America will tell you categorically that they are from the Yoruba land, they still keep the name, they still keep the culture intact, but we that are the main custodian, we don’t appreciate what we have. What we have now done is to put together mother land beckons to beckon to the entire populace of this world to establish their roots and their origin”.

He poited out that the mysteries in Ife land keeps growing.

He said:” I told the entire world recently that the tower of Babel is in Ife land but they said no it cannot be in Ife land but in Egypt. I mentioned the story of the Tower of Babel in the Bible, that is in Ife land, the second one is the Act of Noah, it is here, but people say no way, but the truth is that it is here, the Tower of Babel they said is in Egypt, no is not in Egypt, it is here”.
He explained that in Ife again, “pre Genesis world happened in Ife land, there was a life before Genesis, there was a life before mankind, the spirit life which actually existed before mankind came into existence, some people call it esoteric world, all these things are there and by the special grace of God, we are working towards putting all these facts together “, he said
In his speech at the event, Professor Wole Soyinka who was represented by Professor Wale Adeniran who read the speech on his behalf suggested the need to bring back the programme of the study of archaeology at the undergraduate and post graduate levels at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.
He emphasised that a lot of archaeological excavations still needs to be undertaken that will reveal further information about the ancient civilisation of Ile-Ife .
He observed that there may be the need for some sons of Ile-Ife, Yoruba and in Diaspora to endow a chair on Archaeology at the Obafemi Awolowo University.
Prof Soyinka stressed that “the Centre of Black Culture and International Understanding Osogbo will certainly provide some artistic intellectual and material contribution to what we are all witnessing here today. As a matter of fact, the CBCIU was poised to offer substantial assistance towards the maiden edition of the world Oduduwa defendants in 2014 here in Ife, this we hope will start to achieve as soon as is free from ecumbrances”.

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