KQ, Emirates set to suspend flight operation to Abuja Airport

Kenyan Airways and Emirates Airlines have concluded arangements to suspend flight operation from the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja.
Emirates from all indications is set to suspend flight operations to Abuja from Saturday, October 22 with signals to finally quit flying to Nigeria while Kenyan Airways has served notice to follow suit from Tuesday, November 15.
The decision by the airlines to stop operations to Abuja Airport may not be unconnected with the poor state of the Abuja runway which has affected some of the aircraft belonging to some airlines in the past few months. The poor state of runway has also affected South African Airways aircraft on the Abuja route.
Meanwhile, Emirates in their statement has said that the decision was made after a review of the airline’s operations to ensure the best utilisation of its aircraft fleet for its overall business objectives.

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