Man vows to kill wife, children over refusal to convert to Islam with him

A Moslem man in Lagos State, Mr. Mustapha Eric Awaogu is currently engaged in a family feud with his wife, Mrs. Christiana Awaogu and children over their refusal to join him in his new faith and become Moslems.
This drama played out before this reporter at the Marriage Registry , Ikoyi, when a man in white Kaftan engage a women who had come for a marriage ceremony in a heated argument thereby creating a scene and distracting visitors to the registry.
Eric, a Moslem man, stormed the registry with some unknown individuals to accost one Mrs. Omotola Cruz, said to be a colleague and bosom friend of his wife. He accused Mrs. Cruz of conniving with his wife to escape with his two teenage children to an unknown destination and threatened to deal with Mrs. Cruz and the wife whenever he gets to her.
Trouble was said to have started about two years ago when, Mr. Mustapha Eric Awaogu, a business man, announced to his wife that he had ‘seen the light’ and has decided to convert to Islam.

According to our source who would rather not be named for fear of being harmed by Mustapha, whom he described as aggressive, Mrs. Cruz was not responsible for disappearance of “Christy’, that Eric’s wife as she is called.
He said Mustapha’s wife did not take her husband’s constant threat lightly and decided to flee with two of her five children, who like her, did not want to practice Islam.
In the course of investigations, Nigerian Franknews visited the Awaogu’s home at No. 6 Afolabi Sole Street, Okota, Lagos and met a gateman who refused to say anything about the conflict in the family of Awaogus.  Neighbours said they saw the father and three of the children in morning of that day leaving and had not returned.
Efforts to reach Mrs. Awaogu through a number given by one of the neigbours, proved abortive as the number was said to be unreachable.
Nigerian Franknews was able to trace Mr.Mustapha Awaogu and three of his five children to Ikeja Central Mosque where they had gone for the Friday Jummat service. Mr. Mustapha who initially didn’t want to talk to this reporter, later opened up claiming it was a family affair that did not involve the public and as such was not interested in saying anything but ended in a note of warning: “Look, If Christy has sent you people to blow this issue open as a means to avoid joining me in my new faith, she would definitely regret it when I will get her. She cannot turn my children against me and cannot make me a laughing stock among my people. I will make sure she and the children running away pays with their lives. Let them finish running, they will come back and meet me.”

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