Massacre of Catholic Christian worshipers in Owo crossed the red line

By Primus Igboaka

Owo Catholic Church Massacre revealed the hypocrisy of the political ruling class in the North.

Why the complacency in what we all could collectively either minimize the violence by fanatics Boko Haram now framed and disguised as ‘Herdsmen and Unknown Gun Men?” .

Walking up to do my routine meditation and putting some notes on paper less I forget them; the statement by PDP presidential candidate in 2023 election season attracted most my attention. In fact, I was not surprised.

Atiku was quoted in a statement that the suspected Boko Haram attack at Owo ‘crossed the red line.’

I asked repeatedly? , Sir, which red line has not been crossed before by fanatics that the political class in the North have been allegedly nurturing, arming and protecting for their future agendas.

These allegations become real when these leaders provide evidences that also repeatedly show their support for fanaticism and arming civilians that disguise and go about killing people.

Whether is it by the silence of these political leaders; their rehabilitation of Boko Haram members and absorbing them into the military, these are pointers of support to these blood sheds in Nigeria. Other evidences of the Northern political class support of fanatics are the media commentaries that suggested that Fulanis across West Africa are given free pass to migrate and settle in Nigeria without any background checks whether they are or were militants from Sudan, Iraq, Somalia and Libya.

The evidences of allowing herdsmen to carry military AK47 raffles ( when real citizens are prevented from even carrying a dane gun) and not arresting and prosecuting those who kill and main children and women speak volumes about the encouragement by these political class in the North for these kinds of mayhem, the type witnessed last Sunday at Owo.

On Atiku, yes…he is a hypocrite of the first order. Recall, this was a presidential nominee that publicly withdrew a press statement condemning the lynching of Deborah by fanatics.

Yes, these are birds of the same feather. I ask Nigerians to please brace up. Owo incident could happen in your church or your village in the South East and South West. You folks have been warned by local and international pundits and the media; books have been written and even the latest press interview by the kidnapped and later released Anglican Bishop are enough signals,lessons of imminent dangers waiting to happen in the SE and SW. Christians should better be prepared to face the reality of our time. . No body wants war but using intelligence and due process, including public call for referendum and a restructured constitution are better approaches to our problems in that country than any social media commentaries.

Too much talking and Facebook commentaries are not enough to stop an imminent danger facing us in our regions and across states in Nigeria. A stitch long delayed will lead to tsunami of blood flows, the kind captured in the gory images on last Sunday’s attack. In fact, God helps those who help themselves.

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