MSSN tasks new ministers on performance‎

The Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria, Lagos State Area Unit has challenged the newly appointed ministers to convince Nigerians that they deserved to be saddled with national responsibilities.

The body in a congratulatory message to the new ministers signed by the President of MSSN Lagos, Mallam Saheed Ashafa, said is high time the ministers stopped complaining about the broken structures in various ministries and fix them with immediate effect.

Ashafa while expressing optimism that the new ministers’ tenure would bring positive development to different sectors of the economy, advised them to avoid distractions.

According to him, “It will no longer be fresh to hear that there are challenges in every sectors of the economy, but we pray that God will guide the new ministers to bring significant changes that will boost the falling Nigeria’s economy. It is incumbent upon all the ministers to know that their positions are not to serve personal interest but the generality of Nigerians. They should not disappoint Nigerians, who already have high hopes and expectations in their capability.”

Ashafa stated further that: “During the service years of the new ministers, it is our hope to see that workers don’t go on strike, no delayed salaries, no denial of allowances and bonuses, regular workers training and accountability among others. We want to begin to measure successes of each ministries based the direct effect it has on citizens and not paper works. We want to begin to experience changes through the yardsticks of development in education, health, employment (economy), agriculture, infrastructural development, science and technology.”

The Muslim Students’ Society  urged the new minister of education, Adamu Adamu, to ensure that the welfare of students in all Nigerian campuses are improved upon to meet international standard.

They challenged Adamu to prove his expertise and worthiness for the position by publicising  how he wants to develop the educational sector.

The body concluded that: “The educational sector is presently in comatose and needs attention. From our research, the new minister’s background can be traced mostly to the media and not really education. We do not have any doubt on his competence but it will do us good to see his plans and programmes for the development of the educational sector.
We are not satisfied with the current state of educational sector. School fees are high without corresponding standard, there are poor infrastructural facilities and teachers are still poorly paid.  It will be a magnanimous achievement for this administration to ensure that workers do not go on strike and student protests are reduced.”‎

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