Nahco aviance to invest N3.6billion in procurement of equipment

The group managing director/chief executive officer of the Nigerian Aviation Handling Company Plc (nahco aviation) Mrs Olatokunbo Fagbemi has disclosed that the company would spent N3.6billion on the procurement of equipment this year.

Speaking on Friday during a press briefing at the Nahco headquarters in Lagos on Friday February 1st, Mrs Fagbemi stated that the company has already invested N1.9billion in the procurement of equipment in the last few months.

She promised to bring professionalism into the air service business in the country.

Fagbemi explained that the decision of Lufthansa to pull out their six percent investment from Nahco is a management decision reached at corporate levels at Frankfurt in 2016 which has nothing to do with the company.

She stated that Nahco has no problem with Lufthansa because the airline company is still one of their clients.

The Nahco CEO said her vision is to grow the turnover of company five time or more than the size she met it.
In her words: “We want our turnover to grow by over five times and we want to grow across the Africa continent. We have a five-year strategic plan.

She said the Nahco has set up a programme management office to oversee the growth of the company.
According to her: “Our mission is to consistently provide exceptional services using professional teams, cutting edge technologies and leading practices to deliver value to all stakeholders and our differentiating competent is service excellence. We have added empathy to our core value. Our core values are safety, integrity, reliability, respect and empathy. Empathy for us is very important because we want to operate in the place of excellence so that we are not just saying we are delivering customer service but we are delivering customer service from the perspective of ‘how do you feel?’ and hopefully we believe that whether it is for the internal or external customer that come, it will be a great place for people to work in and a learning organisation”.

Nahco CEO stated further that the company has three subsidiaries which include Nahco Free Trade Zone, the Mainland Cargo and the Energy and Power Infrastructure company.
“All these companies were being run and what we hope to do is to put them together so we can get the full benefits of the business and based on that the former MD resigned and I became the Group managing director in December, 2018″, she said.

She added that Nahco is going to be best in automation.

Fagbemei explained that automation does not mean that people will be laid off, stressing that people will still be employed.

Commenting on her appointment She said that :”Sometime in the middle of last year, we had some changes in the ownership structure of NAHCO. As a result of that change, the board of directors changed also. I joined the board as a non-executive sometime in August. One of the things I tried to do with the former MD was to look at the business review of the business itself because at every point in time, it is important for business like ours to go forward. We cannot plan to move forward if we do not know where we are. So we had to invest and we are still investing with KPMG on a business review and as part of that review, the Board and the management went to Kigali to do a strategic think of where we are and one of the things that came out of that strategic session which held in Kigali in November 2018 was that we have a new vision and mission and a new core statement  and value and we decided that we will run as a group structure”.

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