Proposed new entity has nothing to do with rebranding of any airline -AMCON

The Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) has said that its new aviation independent entity has nothing to do with rebranding of any airline, but rather exploring new options.

AMCON in a statement signed by Jude Nwauzor, head, Corporate Communications Department explained that it is a public knowledge that it had approached the aviation authorities in the country seeking a licence for an independent entity where all of its aviation assets would be transferred and efficiently managed in a synergetic manner.

Nwauzor noted that the development is following its mandate especially as it relates to the aviation sector of the Nigerian economy.

He stated further that AMCON currently has more than five airlines in its aviation partfolio among other assets that are scattered all over.

Nwuzor emphasised that the proposed new entity has nothing to do with the rebranding of any of the airlines within its portfolio as being speculated in several online publications.

Nwauzor explained further the objective of AMCON’s intervention in the aviation sector is targeted at supporting the sector, given its importance, save thousands of jobs, make the aviation sector a catalyst for the growth of the Nigerian economy and recover the huge debt owed the Corporation by these aviation entities.

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