RadissonBlu Anchorage: Unique hotel with exquisite menu

There are very few addresses in Lagos where you can eat sumptuous meal and enjoy the cool breeze of the ocean simultaneously.

RadissonBlu Anchorage Lagos Hotel leads the few unique addresses in this regard.

It is simply a tradition for guests to have a combination of exquisite meals while relaxing along the expansive waterfront creating a splendid atmosphere at the hotel.

Whether you are just going to have a drink or relax for a moment while gazing at the Lagos ocean at arms-length away, RadissonBlu Anchorage Lagos Hotel provides that beautiful setting that will keep enticing you to return.

The RadissonBlu Anchorage Lagos Hotel terrace is suitable for many events ranging from cocktails to open air lifestyle events given guests a blend of splendour of the Lagos ocean and of course, the exquisite taste of the hotel’s meals and drinks.

So, when next you think of your lifestyle meetings, corporate outdoor events, creative cocktails, all both night and day, there is no other address in Lagos that you can play with in terms of wowing your guests beyond imaginations like RadissonBlu Anchorage Lagos Hotel terrace. Simply, engulf your imaginations in a gorgeous view while enjoying sumptuous menu.

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