The Gambia returns to Akwaaba African Travel Market in Lagos

The Gambia is set to return to Akwaaba African Travel Market in Lagos this year.

The director general of the Gambia Tourism Board, Abdoulie Hydara has confirmed that Nigeria is a very important market for Gambian tourism and that is the reason for its attendance of the Akwaaba trade fair every year.

Abdoulie Hydara stated that Nigerians are known as high spenders and with the close proximity to the Gambia, it has an opportunity to penetrate fully the country’s market.

In a statement signed by director marketing of Gambian Tourism Board, Adama Njie
explained that “many meetings are lined up during our presence in Nigeria to showcase what the Gambia has to offer to Nigerians. Due to the importance we put in Nigeria, the Gambia tourism board will appoint a destination manager to represent the Gambia towards the promotion and marketing of destination Gambia in Nigeria. The Gambia has lots of investment opportunities to offer to potential investors in Nigeria and the need to sell this among others In Nigeria”.

Njie confirmed the importance of the Nigerian market in terms of their all year round tourism strategy.

She said with only four hours flights, the Gambia is an ideal place for Nigerians.
“The facilities available in the Gambia is In line with what most Nigerian travellers wants in a country. This ranges from shopping, Honey Mooners, conferencing, unbeatable gastronomy, good and standard hotels to name a few. We hope that more businesses will come to the Gambia after our visit in Nigeria and by extension Ghana. The Gambia values a lot in sub-regional tourism and the reason for our attendance in Nigeria every year,” Njie concluded in the statement.

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