Things Remembered unveils plans to ‎ build $11m in -flight catering facility

Things Remembered‎, an airline in- flight catering firm has unveiled plans to construct an in-flight catering  facility worth $11million at the General Aviation Terminal in Lagos.

 The catering facility when completed will cater for foreign airlines coming into the country. 

Disclosing this at the launch of Hennessey bar at the Murtala Muhammed Airport Ikeja, the chief executive officer of Things Remembered,  Mrs Adeola Omikunle stated that 60 to 70 percent of foreign airlines operating into the country will be adequately taken care of when the facility begins operations. 

Mrs Omikunle disclosed further that Things Remembered is partnering Hennessey by opening the Hennessey bar at the MMIA as a result of the high consumption of the product by Nigerians. 

She said  it was part of Things Remembered ‘s contribution in adding value to the facilities at the airport. 

Omikunle who has eateries at the General Aviation Terminal, MMA2, Abuja terminals and MMIA also supply domestic airlines with in flight catering services. 

According to her, this was also part of her contribution in re-branding Nigeria .

She added that the growing traffic at the airport has attracted a lot of investors hence the need to harness such opportunity.

” Our motivation is to add value to the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos. We are trying to re-brand  Nigeria and this is the way Iam contributing my own quota in re-branding Nigeria.‎ We are in Abuja airport, GAT , MMA2, and then the MMIA. And for your information, we are also doing air flight schedules.  We are trying to build a big facility at GAT, 11 million dollar facility that will cater for airlines coming into Nigeria. You know Nigeria is a hub for Africa, and we want to build a facility that will take 60-70 percent of the market in Nigeria.With the current drive by the government for foreign direct investment, we have quite a lot of foreign investors coming into the country and trying to make some investments”‎, Omikunle said.

Also speaking, the general manager Nigeria, Hennessey /Moet, Lere Awokoya said the partnership was a way of appreciation to Nigerians for identifying with the product. 

Awokoya said the consumption of Hennessey drink has been on the increase in the country .

” Hennessy is one of the most serious brands to Nigerians. It is just one of the reasons we are showing it to the market and Nigerians. We just marked our 250 anniversary. What we can say is the few things of the many things that we are doing, just to show and mark our foot prints in Nigeria,. There are so many things that you can experience many things that we are doing in this bar. We are very happy and proud to partner with Things to Remember, it was also a project that was lunched in 2015, it was the year Hennessy celebrated its 250 anniversary. So it was a way for us to show our appreciations to Nigerian consumers. You may not know but Hennessy is number one loved spirit in Nigeria. We are told that we need to displace it in the best environment and showcase what the brand really stand for”, Awokoya said.

 ‎The general manager Nigeria, Hennessey /Moet stated further, “with the premium best service and direct aspect of it , am sure our customers will experience  the best of the lounge, and I hope also that our consumers who are travelling  will appreciate a glass of Hennessy before getting into plane . This is the first Hennessy bar we have in Nigeria and further than that, this is the first we have in Africa. Once again, it is very important for us to have the first in Lagos. Since Nigeria is the one that enjoys the first Hennessy in African continent.”

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