Thinking aloud – Isa Pantami on my mind

By Primus Igboaka – Cleveland, Ohio, USA

I am not sure if this Isa Pantami man, Nigeria’s Minister of Communications and Digital Economy understands what is as stake with all fingers whether local or international pointing at him.
Isa Pantami has claimed his youthful age and ignorance or inexperience were to be blamed for the serious  allegations against him. However, serious criminal evidences are emerging about his avowed identity that is not just Nigeria’s but global security threats that the world is ‘interestingly’ watching. 

In fact, Isa Pantami thinks the accusation against him is Nigeria’s security matter. He seems not to understand the implications of these evidences pointing at him supporting the allegation of his past terrorism links.

I am also wondering why people with his records of radicalism, fundamentalism and affiliations with terrorist groups could accept this key position in government knowing his past.

He ought to know that he will be under the scrutiny of global intelligence,  and only him knew what recent communication  with his base or groups he is affiliated with that sparked the current  focus on him. Knowing that these past information and may be more recent terrorist communications will be made public.
I wonder what he is still doing in office.

Anyway sha (as my people will phrase in pidgin English), he that the gods want to chastize, they first make mad. Isa Pantami may think that he is just dealing with Nigeria where his connections, godfatherism and his tribal Fulani networks or belonging to the tribe that claims to ” own Nigeria” could save him. He is in delusional mood if he thinks that he could do what his clan leaders wants by remaining in power without caring how Nigerians and the global community ( West in particular) feel. Time will tell.

Meaning that if I were in Isa Pantami shoes which I don’t pray or wish for, is to resign and “enjoy” his private life. But trust me his life won’t be private anymore.

In a globalized village connected 24/7 by communications, technology, finance and the sharing of secured information to fight  terrorism, such a terrorists loyalist is a security threat, not just to Nigeria, USA, Europe but citizens connected together in our global village.

Again, the best decision for him if he is a wise man (which I am yet to see), is for him to resign and go underground. But with lime light now shinning on him, trust me he cannot hide even in 40 feet deep bunker anymore. Trust the global intelligence community when it comes to targets that endanger lives, lives of Americans or the West, they rarely spare the target or supporters of terrorists in positions of power. The kind of power that Isa Pantami holds in Nigeria. He occupies two powerful positions, Communication and Digital Technology that United States, Europe and Asian leaders don’t take for granted as part of their development and empire building tools.

Isa Pantami may flex his muscles locally but for how long? This is the critical question Isa himself could answer but my advice is for him to use his teeth and count his tongue.

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