US don advises FG to diversify into tourism

‎United States based Nigerian professor, Primus Igboaka has advised the President Muhammadu Buhari led federal government to diversify into tourism.
Speaking in Lagos, Professor Igboaka explained ‎ that tourism development is vital for the growth of the country’s economy.
He said Nigeria cannot depend on oil alone to sustain the economy.
Nigeria will not succeed with oil alone, but need to diversify into tourism which is vital for economic development, he said.
He stated that many nations are diversifying into tourism to augment with their other sources of revenue ‎to meet their financial obligations.
Look at  the United States and other countries and see the in- flow of tourists and the revenue they are generating from tourist traffic‎, is a big lesson for Nigeria to develop her tourism industry and assets.
He emphasised the need for a new national carrier, stressing that no nation lives without a national carrier.
The national carrier is the pride of the nation, as the national airline of the country promotes national integration, he said.
Igboaka however noted that the national carrier he is advocating for should not be that riddled by corruption like that of the defunct Nigerian Airways.
Commenting on the level of aviation development at our airports, the US based professor observed that there has has been considerable development in our airports.
“I see improvement and retrogression in our airport development, there is need to improve our airport facilities and for the government to be consistent in their policies”, he said.

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