Wife of Police Inspector bites off Sergeant’s ear, bath her, daughter with pepper

A woman identified as Onyinye Linda Nwadegwu, who is said to be the wife to a Police Inspector, attached to Olosan Police Division, Mushin, Lagos, has bee accused of bitten off a woman Sergeant ear during a minor misunderstanding.

She was also alleged to have bath the woman Sergeant, Unongu A. O. Blessing and her daughter with pepper during the rancour.

However, lawyer  to the assaulted woman,  Mr. Solomon Oladele, has written a petition to the Police authority in the State to look into the allegations and ensure that justice is done.

The lawyer in the petition dated November 15, 2018, and captioned “Save Our Soul”, 
Threat To Life Assault Occasioning Harm and Intimidation of Woman Sergeant Unongu  A. O and Blessing by Linda Nwadegwu”, which was sent to the Assistant Inspector-General of Police Zone 2, Onikan, Lagos and the Deputy Commissioner of Police, State Criminal Intelligence and Investigation Department (SCIID) Panti-Yaba, Lagos, is urging the  police to do justice in the matter, adding that the case should not be swept under carpet because somebody’s life is at stake aside from the fact that she has sustained a permanent deformation.

Copies of the acknowledged petition made available to this medium reads in part: “We act as solicitors to W’Sgt. Unongu A. 0. Blessing residing at Olosan Barracks, Mushin, Lagos (herein referred to as; our client) and on her instruction and mandate we write to solicit for your urgent intervention into our issues as follows. 

“It is the case of our client that on the 31st of October, 2018, while going to her office, one Onyinye Linda Nwadegwu attacked her by spraying pepper on her face and also on the face of her daughter that followed her over a minor issue which they have already settled within parties. It was a serious agony that after spreading the pepper on the face of our client, as this was not enough, she ran after our client and bite her ear to the extent that she cut it down with her teeth, although this wouldn’t have been possible but the act was perfectly carried out with the efforts and assistance of one Seun Oladimeji ‘F’ who held the hands of our client hostage and allowed Onyinye Linda to perfect her ulterior motive. 

“However, the daughter of our client who was present at the scene also shared part of this ugly incident because the pepper was also spread on her face and it took our client time before she could regain her consciousness at the hospital. Also, after our client had gained consciousness, she managed to call Mr. Nwadegwu, the husband of Onyinye that your wife has deformed me completely by cutting my right ear. But the response of the husband was so shocking because he said that “you don’t even thank God that your ear was cut and pepper was spread on your face, I thought she would have pour acid on you” and since that time, I realized that it was a well planned arrangement between the husband and the wife, and it was sad sad because our client is a widow.

 Also, before our client got to the hospital her ear could not be found, it was rather late before the ear was recovered on the floor and the cell of the ear is already dead. This made our client to undergo an operation at the hospital whereby the ear was planted whether it could gain life again. In fact, the pain was so serious, to say the least. 

“Nevertheless, our client reported the matter to the nearby police station but the husband of Onyinye was boasting around that nothing will happen after all, he has money, connections and jars to do and undo whatever he feel like doing. He further stated that if care is not taken, our client will lose her life and that of her children”. 

The lawyer in the petition stated that the situation has become terrific and makes his client looks uncomfortable as if she was in a Banana Republic where there is no law and order, aside of the fact that the husband of Onyinye Linda Nwadegu has been boasting around that he will make use of his connection in ensuring that our client is transferred outside Lagos, and the case in question be swept under the carpet.

In seeking for judgment, the lawyer said: “Sir, we believe that justice is not a one-way traffic, but the law is to preserve, protect and ensure that equity is maintained but whereby the law is now turned to be used as an instrument of oppression due to one position or the other, it will be so sad and embraces a state of anarchy. 

“We want the law to take its cause over this incident because more so, further findings by our client, indicated that there was a woman (a widow) whose husband have died 25 years ago but squatting in the laundry section of the barrack who was responsible for instigating one against the other by causing act of breach of peace within the neighbourhood.

“It is our conclusion that it is one of the cardinal duty of the Police to protect lives and properties in which our case is not an exception, hence we urge your highly esteemed office to do justice in the matter while the case should not be swept under carpet because somebody’s life is at stake aside from the fact that she has sustained a permanent deformation”.

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